ASKLEPIOS aims to unravel and increase our understanding of the mechanisms that govern pathogenesis of rabies virus infection, in pursuit of the rational identification of novel therapeutic leads for rabies encephalitis. Several studies have been conducted over the past decades attempting to unravel the pathogenesis of this deadly disease, however with limited success. New knowledge on the mechanisms of the RABV life-cycle and interaction with the host is needed to identify clinically applicable therapeutic leads, in search of rational intervention strategies.

Ebola: een harde wake-up call

Nationaal ebola actualiteitencafé op 20 oktober in Rotterdam

On October 20, RGHI and Erasmus MC will host the national ebola urgency debate. Time: 12-14h, Location: Erasmus MC, main lecture hall 2 (new education building). Event is organised together with RIVM/VWS, …

Virology in the last 4 decades: Breakthroughs and Benefits

After more than 20 years Professor Ab Osterhaus will be handing the reigns of the department of Viroscience to Professor Marion Koopmans.

To honour him for his remarkable accomplishments during that time, and to mark the end of an era, …