Animal and Plant Health Agency

The Animal and Plant Health Agency is an Executive Agency of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) with the capability and commitment to deliver a wide range of animal and public health and welfare policies for the UK. This ranges from field activity on-farm through to specialist laboratory and scientific services. Research activities underpin the surveillance work and provide robust scientific evidence required by the UK Government and international organizations (EU, OIE, WHO, FAO) to inform policy and control strategies. The AHVLA is a major partner in the following EU networks-of-excellence: ANITGONE, PIVEC, COSI, ESNIP3, FLUPIG, FLUTEST, FLURESIST, FLUTRAIN, FLU-LAB-NET, Med-Vet-Net, Epizone, EVA, NeuroPrion and ArboZooNet. The Wildlife Zoonoses and Vector Borne Diseases Group (WZVBD) at AHVLA is a World Health Organisation Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response Collaborating Centre for the characterisation of rabies and rabies-related viruses and is designated an OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies. Research activities include a 15 year history of studies on the pathogenesis and immune response to lyssavirus infection and lyssavirus epidemiology.