Erasmus MC-Viroscience Lab

Viroscience Lab is the largest university medical center in The Netherlands. It is the legal entity of the Viroscience Lab that employs more than 110 employees of different disciplines and runs an extensive experimental research program on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of infections by human and animal viruses. Viroscience Lab houses the National Influenza Center and the international reference center for arboviruses and viral haemorraghic fevers for WHO. It coordinates the FP7 projects EMPERIE (223498), ANTIGONE (278976) FLUNIVAC (602604) and VECTORIE (261466) and is major partner in PREPARE (602525), SILVER (260644), iHIVARNA (602570), CHAIN ( 223131), ADITEC (280873), and PATHSEEK (304875).