National Veterinary Research Institute

The National Veterinary Research Institute is the scientific institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the expertise institution for the CVO of Poland. Panstwowy Instytut W provides the diagnostic support for the Veterinary Inspection and is National Reference Laboratory. Major mission of the Institute is the applied research in veterinary science and medicine, monitoring of residues, heavy metals, zoonoses, zoonotic agents in food of animal origin. We provide also diagnostic services to the breeders, consumers, farmers. The Institute runs the post graduation training, classes, courses for the vet practitioners. The research activities include: aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, control, and epidemiology of viral diseases; characterisation of prion protein isolated from cases of transmissible encephalopathies; molecular biology methods in the diagnosis of viral diseases; and genetic and epidemiologic analysis of viral and prion diseases in Poland. Its experts participate in organizations like EFSA, EU working groups on different topics and accommodate the OIE collaborating centers for CSF, PRRS, BLV. One of the most important tasks is the ORV of foxes against rabies – the campaigns supervised by the experts from NVRI since 1993.