About Asklepios

ASKLEPIOS brings together eight partners from: the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. All partners bring unique expertise and resources to ASKLEPIOS.  As a whole, ASKLEPIOS combines leading experts on rabies pathogenesis from ANTIGONE and SILVER with leading research groups from Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. The result is a highly complementary consortium that is well balanced in terms of expertise and resources and is a good reflection of the problem addressed in terms of geographic coverage.

Veterinary Research Institute
Dr Daniel Růžek
Szent István Egyetem
Dr Tamás Bakonyi
National Veterinary Research Institute
Prof Jan Żmudziński, Dr Marcin Smreczak, Dr Anna Orłowska, Dr Paweł Trebas
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Prof Johan Neyts, Dr Dirk Jochmans
Institut Pasteur
Dr Noel Tordo
Erasmus MC-Viroscience Lab
Dr Penelope Koraka, Prof Ab Osterhaus
Centre for Agricultural Research
Dr Miklós Gyuranecz, Miss Alexandra Pásztor, Miss Dóra Kispál
Artemis One Health Research B.V.
Prof Eric Claassen, Dr Byron Martina, Dr Penelope Koraka
Animal and Plant Health Agency
Prof Anthony Fooks, Dr Karen Mansfield, Dr Ashley Banyard, Dr Nicholas Johnson, Miss Emma Wise