Dr Karen Mansfield

Kare.Mansfield@ahvla.gsi.gov.uk | +44 1932 357645

Dr Karen Mansfield BSc PhD is a Research Scientist within the Wildlife Zoonoses and Vector-borne Diseases Research Group, investigating broad ranging aspects of lyssaviruses and arboviruses (mosquito- and tick-borne), including pathogenesis, host immune response and epidemiology. Additional roles include scientific project management of DEFRA and EU- funded research projects, student supervision and Quality Management.

Relevant Publications

Michlmayr D, McKimmie CS, Haxton B, Mansfield K, Johnson N, Fooks AR & Graham G. Defining the chemokine basis for leukocyte recruitment in viral encephalitis. Journal of Virology, 2014, 88, 9553-9567.

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J Gen Virol 2009;90(Pt 10):2493-502

Mansfield KL, Johnson N, Nunez A, Hicks D, Jackson AC and Fooks AR. Up-regulation of chemokine gene transcripts and T-cell infiltration into the central nervous system and dorsal root ganglia are characteristics of experimental European bat lyssavirus type 2 infection of mice. J Neurovirol 2008; 14(part 3): 218-228.

Johnson N, Vos A, Neubert L, Freuling C, Mansfield KL, Kaipf I, Denzinger A, Hicks D, Núñez A, Franka R, Rupprecht CE, Müller T, Fooks AR. Experimental study of European bat lyssavirus type-2 infection in Daubenton's bats (Myotis daubentonii). J Gen Virol 2008;89(Pt 11):2662-72.

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