Dr Noel Tordo

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Dr Noël Tordo is Head of the Unit « Antiviral Strategies » (Department of Virology, IP, Paris), Director of the WHO Collaborative Centre (WHOCC) for Viral Haemorrhagic Fever (VFH) and Arboviruses, Member of the OIE Reference Laboratory for RVFV and CCHFV. He is an expert in molecular/cellular biology and antiviral strategies against emerging viruses, particularly Lyssaviruses and VHF. Main contributions have been on Lyssavirus molecular virology and pathogenesis, vaccines and antivirals, as well as on the study of the mechanisms used by viruses to jump across the species barrier (spill-over) and establish in new hosts (host-switching). NT his also involved in teaching as a Director of the Course of Fundamental Virology (IP, Paris) of the Pasteur-Asia Virology Course (IP Hong-Kong), etc. NT is expert and consultant for WHO, PAHO, OIE, EU, participates in many scientific councils (INRA, ANSES, Universities) and is Vice-President of the European Society for Virology.

Relevant Publications

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