Dr Paweł Trebas

p.trebas@piwet.pulawy.pl | +48 81 8893078

Dr Paweł Trebas has 14 years of experience in rabies research, diagnostic, supervision of the ORV in Poland. He is a member of the Polish Society for Veterinary Sciences.

Relevant Publications

Smreczak, M., Orlowska, A., Trebas, P. and Zmudzinski, J.F. (2012) Rabies Epidemiological Situation In Poland In 2009 And 2010. Bulletin of the Veterinary Institute in Pulawy 56(2), 121-125.

Smreczak M., Orłowska A., Trębas P., Żmudziński J.F.: Application of heminested RT-PCR to the detection of EBL1 and classical rabies virus infections in bats and terrestrial animals. Bull. Vet. Inst. Pulawy 2008, 52, 15-18.

Smreczak M., Trębas P., Orłowska A., Staniak J., Ankiewicz K., Żmudziński J.F.: Rabies outbreak in Małopolskie voivodaship in Poland. Rabies Bull. Eur. 2010, 34, 5-7.

Smreczak M., Trębas P., Orłowska A., Żmudziński J.F.: Rabies survellance in Poland (1992-2006) Dev. Biol. (Basel) 2008, 131, 249-256.